Wrap up the season with a farewell to Summer II at Ocean Gate!

On a scale of 10, did you have 11 worth of fun last year in The first annual “Farewell to Summer” at Ocean Gate?

Get ready for the second round!

Rich Pazanella, owner Hot Road Enkin at Ocean Gate who organized last summer’s event, told Townsquare Media that the second summer farewell party will take place on September 24 and will be packed with events, concerts and more.

“Last year’s event was amazing, blessed with beautiful fall weather, great bands that kept the stage alive all day long like Crash Gordon and Debra Dynamite, local country champions Bullzee, the legendary Rockabilly Kings, and the Razorbacks, and we had Wilson and Pazanella said,” I finished last year.”

(Images courtesy: Rich Pazinella)

(Images courtesy: Rich Pazinella)

There will be more bands going on stage at this year’s event which Pazanella hopes to build on the fun and achievements of this time last year.

“This year, we are excited to announce from Asbury Park, that we have the Eddie Testa Band, delivering the classics we all know and love,” Pazinella said. “Dancemaur kept everyone entertained for the dance lessons all day, we were even able to raise some money for Ocean Gate Elementary School, and the kids, through a lemonade booth, were able to raise nearly $1,200 for the local church store.”

(Images courtesy: Rich Pazinella)

(Images courtesy: Rich Pazinella)

You should start getting your design ideas ready and flowing as you’ll need to ramp them up to win the Scarecrow Contest after last year’s stellar show.

“There is a scarecrow competition that showed the city’s creativity with many great performances,” said Bazinella. With a Scarecrow sponsored by Ocean Gate Market, dance competitions, a corn hole course, live music all day, great food and drinks from local eateries like Anchor Inn and Linda Pizzeria and a restaurant, not to mention some great vendors who have something for everyone including dog lovers. The second summer farewell is a great day for everyone.”

(Images courtesy: Rich Pazinella)

(Images courtesy: Rich Pazinella)

You can learn more about “A Farewell To Summer II” on Facebook, and hear information about the event here as it aired on “Shore Time with Vin and Dave” on Sundays at 94.3 The Point and 105.7 The Hawk.

You can check out photos from last year’s event, here!

Goodbye to summer at the ocean gate

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