Where to find shrimp in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

in Disney Dreamlight Valley There are a lot of places to hunt, and some areas are different from others, so players have to search around to find where they need to in whatever mission they are doing.

It’s no different when shrimp is needed for a task from a valley dweller. Shrimp is one of the ingredients that can be used in Bouillabaisse, which consists of shrimp, tomato, two pieces of seafood and other vegetables. It’s used in other recipes as well, but you’ll need this to help complete a task.

In order to find shrimp, you will need to unlock Dazzle Beach, after which you will need to look for the blue fishing spots scattered around the beach. If you need more than one shrimp, be sure to bring a valley resident who helps you with fishing and you may be lucky and get double shrimp.

Once you find a blue fishing spot, throw your line and twist it to see if it’s shrimp. There are some other fish that you can get in the blue fishing grounds, so shrimp won’t always appear, which is why it may be worth bringing a fishing figure with you. It will also help you level that character if they haven’t reached their maximum yet.

Each shrimp sells 300 coins and will give you 750 energy if you eat it, but it is better to use it in a recipe so that you gain more energy and have the ability to make more money if you plan to sell the meal.