Weight loss diet: 5 yoghurt recipes that may help you lose weight

Whether you want to shed a few kilos or make a big difference to your body, losing weight is a tough process. If you’ve been following a weight loss journey or have ever tried, we understand how difficult it can be to follow a strict regimen. From constant workouts to strict dieting, there is a lot that one has to do without fail. However, some additions to the diet can make the whole process easier. Considering this, here we bring you some curd based recipes that can be great additions to your weight loss diet. These recipes are not only healthy but also very tasty. Let’s start with the list. Read below.

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Lose Weight: Here are 5 curd recipes you should try:

1. Oats Dahi Masala

Oats are one of the best ingredients for losing weight. You must have tried many oatmeal recipes. This, here is a combination of health and taste. Adding curd to it gives it a very refreshing taste. And the best part? This recipe only takes 20 minutes to prepare. Find the recipe here.

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2. Dahi Hana Chat

Made with protein-rich boiled chickpeas and dahi, this chaat recipe can be a perfect addition to your diet. Add your favorite spices and the chaat is ready to enjoy. Find the full recipe here.


3. Low Fat Dahi Chicken

Are you looking for a lunch recipe that helps you lose weight? We’ve got you covered with delicious chicken curry made with curd as a base. This is a must-try recipe that’s high in protein and low in carbs. click here.


4. Mix Raita

Fantastic accompaniment! This raita recipe is packed with veggies and spices, making it the perfect addition to your diet. Besides offering it as an accompaniment, you can also have it as is! Find the recipe here.


5. Flaxseed raita

Finally, we present to you another raita recipe made with curd and flax seeds. Besides being helpful in losing weight, this raita recipe is also ideal for building immunity as it contains flax seeds. Flaxseeds are touted as one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Find the recipe here.

Flaxseed raita

Now that you know all the recipes, implement these ideas at home and tell us how they came out in the comments below.