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Vegan Welsh Cake

Perfect for a mid-morning and afternoon snack, these vegan Welsh muffins pair perfectly with a cup of tea for a comforting taste of Wales.

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This traditional Welsh dessert isn’t a cake or a cookie, but something in between. Traditionally baked over an open fire, they can be easily copied using a cast iron skillet or tray – and easy to make without any animal products.

Are Welsh muffins vegan?

No, the classic Welsh cake recipe contains eggs, butter and milk. But as we all know, these things are easily substituted in vegan recipes. This recipe instead makes use of plant-based milk and dairy-free butter.

Most non-dairy milks will work for this, but if you don’t want to stray from the traditional flavor of Welsh muffins, choose unflavored milk such as soy or oats.

If you’re feeling upbeat, you can always play with the flavors with almond milk and replace some of the raisins with blanched almonds instead.

What is the difference between scones and Welsh cakes?

Although they both start as a dough, Welsh muffins are slightly lighter than muffins and tend to be much thinner, eaten whole on their own rather than being split into two and topped with vegetable jam and cream.

Variations of the classic recipe

Although this traditional Welsh cake recipe celebrates the flavors of raisins and mixed spices, it has become very common to mix things up a bit.

Instead of raisins and spices, why not use dairy-free chocolate chips and add some orange zest or extract to create a delicious orange chocolate version?

Alternatively, get your hands on some dairy-free white chocolate chips/chunks and some freeze-dried berries and use them in place of the raisins and spices.

Or, stick to the original recipe and give it a delicious twist by adding a bit of jam and peanut butter.