Tzatziki Dip by Florence Bio: Six-Minute Recipe

do not worry my love It’s finally hitting theaters in less than two weeks, and I’m excited to see one of my favorite actors, Florence Pugh, in the title role. While the movie was going through news circuit hell over the alleged feud between Oscar-nominated actress and director Olivia Wilde, I was busy reinventing recipes that Florence featured on her Instagram Live earlier in the pandemic coming from the movie’s premiere.

One of the recipes Florence showed us on her impromptu cooking show was the six-ingredient tzatziki, a salty yogurt and dipped cucumber commonly associated with Greece—although other Southeast European and Middle Eastern countries have their own variations, too. This is one of my favorite things I’ve made because, really, it’s very simple – all you need are six ingredients and six minutes.

Here are the six ingredients you need for tzatziki: full-fat Greek yogurt, cucumber, olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. As for the tools, all you need is a grater and a bowl to mix it all. If you already have salt, pepper, and olive oil, the total cost of making your own tzatziki is less than $5. The Greek yogurt I got was a little small, so I’d say the ingredients below can satisfy up to two people. This can of course be easily expanded.

Let’s make a dang dip! If you have a bib, throw it away. Florence was wearing an apron custom made for her by Ariane Phillips, fashion designer do not worry my love (gasping), in her cooking video. I don’t own an apron, so I wore a Neighbor-British T-shirt – IYKYK.

Step #1: First, start by tossing the yogurt into a bowl. Florence was very specific about using full-fat Greek yogurt — “This is no time for dieting, folks,” the actor quipped! I usually go dairy-free, because the same genes that gave me my face gave me a mild lactose intolerance…but I had no plans to leave my place anyway. So, I tossed the dairy curds (yogurt) into a bowl where I would store the final dip to make it easier to clean up.

If you want to use a larger volume of yogurt, you absolutely can! Florence chose this size since she biked to the grocery store (and I love it, and I’m very European) and wanted to pack a light. I bought the exact same size and brand because there is not a single original idea in my American mind.

Step Two: Next, add a lot of olive oil to the yogurt. I just put in like 2 pieces (about 2-3 tablespoons), although honestly, the world is going to get hotter – just add more oil!

Step Three: Add a little salt and a lot of pepper. Of course, you can adjust and season to your liking once you’ve tasted the final product. For now, though, follow Miss Flo’s instructions!

Step #4: Cut a portion of the cucumber, because we won’t be using the whole pickled dill—all you need is about six inches! Grate the sliced ​​cucumbers directly into the yogurt, oil, salt, and pepper mixture.

This is what it looked like to me. I thought it was a lot of choice (and it probably was), but it didn’t negatively affect the dip at all. In fact, I enjoyed the added texture.

Step #5: Take 1-3 cloves of garlic, to your liking, and grate the best side of the grater directly into the bowl so you can’t go on safely. Don’t throw away the small pieces – chop them up and throw those pieces away, too. Unfortunately, my missionary was crap, so I cut cubes angrily All of garlic. Ugh.

Not everyone is Florence in the kitchen. For comparison, here’s Miss Flo effortlessly chopping the ends of garlic—cool, soft, and gathered. Then here I am, slapping garlic with a knife! I made fun of Kendall Jenner for her struggle to cut cucumbers, but I had no business to laugh about at the time – look how angry I was about chopping garlic here. At least Kendall’s wealthy. What is my excuse?

Step #6: Finally, mix it all together and you’ll end up having the best of both worlds. Oh, and a bowl of homemade tzatziki! Now, give it a taste and season more to your liking.

The best thing about any dip, including tzatziki, is that you can customize it to your liking. Florence added an extra garlic clove after using only two at first. I ended up adding more salt and a lot of pepper to mine. So, go crazy. And if you’re using a larger volume of Greek yogurt, you’ll definitely need to experiment to find the perfect tzatziki.

This is the final undo! On the top is Florence tzatziki, and the bottom is mine – I feel like I came out great.

How does it taste? This was my first time trying tzatziki, and I was excited to give an unbiased opinion. Honestly…it’s a nice dip. It’s creamy, fresh, and great-tasting that’s far from overpowering or aggressive—I feel like this is Greek yogurt. Meanwhile, olive oil gave the dip an earthy feel, and three cloves of garlic in the dip gave it a slight spice. In general, the dip is light and filling, and the grated cucumber gives it some desired texture. Although it’s a subtle flavor, which is why I couldn’t stop dipping my clean finger in the bowl – it goes with just about everything, it’s even good on its own!

I let the homemade tzatziki sit in the fridge overnight and then tested it the next day against store-bought tzatziki. Although the store-bought dip has more flavor, I found it to be very aggressive. It may have been saltier than Florence, but it was also overly salty and lacked the savory flavor that I loved so much in the homemade version. In the end, I preferred Flo. It was even better after sitting in the fridge. She had time to ramp up. The flavor was just to my liking, and that’s the beauty of cooking at home.

This tzatziki is a winner for me. It only required six ingredients, and it could be ready in less than six minutes. It’s a versatile dip, as shown by the suggested Florence pairings. I’m excited to bring Florence certified tzatziki to the next neighbor’s hangout, with some cheese and meat!

You can check out Flo’s full recipe for tzatziki below. And if you’re curious about the other recipes Florence has cooked up on her Instagram Live, someone uploaded a lot of them to YouTube here – eat your heart out!

Watch this video on YouTube

Florence Pugh / via Instagram: @florencepugh

Oh, and Florence danced with homemade tzatziki! Here I am doing the same – we are just two girls enjoying snorkeling.

What do you think of Tzatziki Florence? If you whipped your own copy, how did you get out? And what’s your guess on which Florentine dish I’m going to imitate next in “Cooking With You and Me and Florence Pugh?” Let me know in the comments.