Top 7 Places to Try Bengali Food in Dhaka

Dhaka city caters to different tastes, providing a wide range of options for everyone. However, despite the plethora of foreign options, the Bengali heart sometimes craves a taste of deshi cuisine. Thus, we scoured all over the city in search of the best places that serve Bengali food, and here are our top 7 picks:

Kasturi Dhanmondi . Restaurant

Kasturi is perhaps one of the best that Dhaka has to offer in terms of Bengali cuisine. From the perfect Bengali lunch and dinner, to evening snacks and meals; Each item on the menu seemed to taste better than the other. Taaki bhorta, daal bhorta and shrimp curry are bestsellers with plain rice. Fish lovers keep coming back for fish curries, roy and hilsa.

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Search Facebook for Kasturi Restaurant Dhanmondi to check out their full menu and be sure to visit them at Shatmosjid Street, 11/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Bangaliana Bhoj

Bangaliana Bhoj, as the name says, revolves around the simplicity of Bangladeshi food and is known for offering the taste of Bengal at the most affordable prices.

Located in four prime locations in the city, here you will find mouth-watering options for any meal of the day. What immediately caught our eye was their bhaat-bhorta platter, which offers 11 different bhortas, with unlimited bhaat and daal, for an incredible price of 150 taka. Their pabda and hilsa are undoubtedly some of the best in town, along with shrimp. And lip smacking crabs are also good.

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Although relatively new to the city, Utshob made us freak out about it. What makes them so special is that in addition to regular Bengali food, they have brought back some of the more traditional items, such as green bhat, choi pita, and duck curry all year round! Their Bundiya rabri provides the perfect finishing touch to a perfect meal.

Located on the three branches of the chef’s table, Utshob ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

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Or visit their outlets at Chef’s Table Dhanmondi, Gulshan and Shatarkul, Dhaka.

Chittagong Pol

Chittagong Bull Restaurant was one of the first restaurants to introduce Dhaka to authentic Chattogram dishes, and years later, it is still one of the best.

From the signature Mizabani Gosht, Kala Bhuna to the signature Beef Akhni Biryani, they bring out the flavor of each dish. In order to experience the mezbaani gosht in all its glory, order it with the special paratha and chana daal.

Another must-have off their list is luita fish fry. Crunchy and juicy, these are the perfect appetizers to have while you wait for your feast to arrive.

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It is located at 112 Gulshan Street.

Kalay Rotter Ada

Kalai ruti hails from Rajshahi. Made with a mixture of plain flour and finely ground kalai dal, this special roti is roasted in a flat clay pot or tawa without any oil.

Kalai Rutir Adda brings you the authentic taste of traditional pita bread with the curry of your choice. In Rajshahi, kalai roti is often eaten with spicy mashed eggplant and/or duck curry. Kalai Rutir Adda has totally captured the essence of this unique blend and once you try their specials, you are bound to come back.

Find them at U-59, Nurjahan Road, Muhammadpur.

Shui 55

Khulna’s chui jhal is one of the dishes that has caused quite a stir in the past few years. The rare spice found in the branch of the choi tree is used to make this spicy curry with whole garlic, served hot with plain rice. Chui 55 specializes in this, serving a variety of beef, lamb and chicken, all cooked with chui. Each dish brings a range of flavors, and despite the spice, we find it hard to stop eating.

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Location: House 11/A, Road 130, Gulshan 1

Jagannath Bogunalaya

Jagannath Bhojonalaya is a small restaurant that serves an incredible selection of nearly a hundred vegetable ingredients! No biryani, roast, or anything fancy, but each of these vegetarian dishes will make your mouth water. The most interesting thing is that there is no fixed menu. Since the food is made from fresh purchases every morning, every day is a new surprise for customers. Among the most popular items are paneer curry, soybeans, mung dal, and a number of spicy portas. It can be said that we found a vegetarian paradise deep in the old city of Dhaka.

It is located in the Taanti Bazar in the old city of Dhaka.

Photo: LS Archive / Sazzad Ibne Sayed