Top 20 Chicken to Beef Pie Recipes

This is convenient pie pot recipes It’s just what you need on a cold winter’s night.

From chicken and beef to veggies and veggies, they are family friendly and super cute.

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Homemade vegetable pot pie

Pot pies are always a hit with my family and friends.

And they come in so many variations, you can have a different one every night of the week if you like!

Of course, chicken pot pie is perhaps the most famous. But you didn’t live until you tried the decadent steak and mushroom pie dish!

So get your shopping list ready, and check out these amazing pot pie recipes.

20 warm pot pies for weekend nights at home

Lots of people love pot pies. But most of us no Love all the work that comes with making it.

That’s why we should all have a file easy Pancake recipe on hand.

This is as easy as it gets. You’ll only need six ingredients and about 10 minutes of prep time.

This is it.

Even if you’ve never made a pot pie before, you can with this recipe. Best of all, it tastes as good as any made-from-scratch pot pie.

It has the same buttery crust, juicy vegetables and rich sauce. It only takes half the prep work!

This is not quite as easy as mentioned above. However, it is not a complicated recipe to follow.

It uses few ingredients and takes about five more minutes of preparation. And who doesn’t have an extra five minutes, right?

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This is the best choice if you like herb pot pies with mesh tops.

If there’s one thing I have a lot of, it’s easy pot pie recipes!

This one uses a refrigerated pie crust, saving you the trouble of making your own.

It’s not as flaky as the homemade recipe but still buttery and delicious. It’s also an excellent choice if you like your pot pies a bit cheesy.

Speaking of cheese: This crazy-and-yummy herb pot pie is another delicious option your family will love.

Ditch the traditional peas and onions in favor of broccoli and cheese.

There are still juicy chicken pieces, sweet carrots and a creamy sauce. However, the broccoli and cheese filling takes this pot pie to a whole new level.

It’s an almost surefire way to get your kids to eat more broccoli too!

Let’s get away from the chicken and check out the turkey pot pie, shall we?

Feel free to use fresh turkey for this – I know a lot of people who prefer it over chicken.

However, this recipe is excellent for using up holiday leftovers.

You’ll simplify the process of making crusts with Bisquik. And forget about chopping vegetables, too; A bag of frozen mixed vegetables will do.

This takes 45 minutes to make from start to finish, and is worth every second you spend on it.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the traditional pot pie. It’s the kind my mom used to make, and it’s great.

But have you ever tried a cookie-topped pot pie? Talk about comfort food!

These types of pancakes will warm your stomach And the your heart. Just picture it: homemade biscuits, tons of cheese, warm chicken, and loads of veggies.

Seriously what could be better than that?! You won’t need any sides with a main dish like this one.

Beef pot pies are hard to beat if you want something incredibly rich and filling.

This special recipe takes just a few hours. However, the practical training time is not much.

It is more than worth it in the end.

This pie has a beautiful golden-brown crust and exudes a delicious sauce. Of course, thick, succulent cuts of beef don’t hurt either.

He’s the kind of meal grower who likes to come home after a hard day. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a farmer to appreciate it.

Meat and mushroom pie is another seriously hearty dinner your whole family will go to.

It also takes a few hours, which is also totally worth it.

It’s an earthy, herb pie with a buttery pie crust that perfectly complements the strong, rich sauce.

Not sure what I like more – mushrooms or steak. Both are very tasty.

If you’re still drooling over a cookie pot pie but need something vegan, don’t stress—I’ve got you, Boo!

Filled with veggies and protein, this pie is 100% vegan friendly and features a rich base of chickpeas and potatoes.

The vegan cheddar biscuit on top is delicious, too.

In fact, you might want to save this recipe just for those. It tastes just as good on its own as it does in this pie.

These one-hour vegetarian pancakes are a little lighter than the ones listed above. They don’t have hummus and potatoes, but they an act Eat all the other vegetables.

They’ll still be topped with vegan biscuits, too. These are just all one-off pot pies.

This means that everyone gets their own.

Now, you’ll just have to stop the fast food eaters from stealing anyone else’s dinner!

Is there anything better than a delicious combination of spring vegetables?

Perhaps a delicious combination of spring vegetables in a warm, crunchy pot pie? Yes, that is definitely better.

Vegetarian friendly but so good that even die-hard meat lovers will enjoy, this is a must.

Your kids are sure to love it too.

I love puff pastry. I love the creamy béchamel sauce and the tender vegetables.

Put them all together, me all of that.

This vegan pot pie uses a handful of ingredients and only takes an hour to make. It’s a simple and delicious vegan dream.

Pot pies have only one downside: they are not portable. You can’t enjoy a good pot pie on the go.

or can you?

Thanks to this recipe, you can definitely!

Think of them like a spin on a single serving of apples. Only these are delicious and rather savory pancakes.

I know we traditionally eat pot pies for lunch or dinner. But these on-the-go mini versions make great hot breakfasts.

Is your favorite part of a pie pan the crust? It’s 100% mine!

I mean, what’s better than a buttery, flaky pie crust with a creamy pie filling filled on one side?

How about a double dose of all this delicious?

This double-crust chicken pot pie has everything you love about a traditional pot pie, with only twice the crust. Talk about winning!

Pot pies are really rich and enjoyable, but this recipe makes it so much more than that.

After all, crunchy, salty bacon makes everything better—and more decadent!

Check out this recipe if you want a truly irresistible dinner.

It’s easy to overdo it with a pot pie. Fortunately, these bite-sized pancakes fit perfectly.

Each one is a perfect fit for one person and means you can bring them with you to your next luck.

Of course, if you decide to eat two, three or more, that’s another story.

Breathe new life into an old classic with this curry pie recipe.

Like most pot pie recipes, it features chicken, sauce, veggies, and a rich crust. but unlike Most pot pies, also swim in curry.

Bold, delicious curry spices impart a distinctly Indian flavor and ensure exceptional flavor in every bite!

Try it next time you want something a little different.

Here’s another classic recipe for chicken pot pie. But thanks to puff pastry, it takes less than an hour to make.

It’s also enough to serve six people, so it’s perfect for a family feast.

Serve this recipe in spades if you want an ancient spirit food.

I will be honest; The crustless pot pies are not my favorite. After all, I’ve already expressed my love for the warm, flaky, buttery crusts.

However, sometimes, you don’t need/want all of these carbohydrates. In that case, try this recipe.

With panko noodles, it still isn’t considered a low-carb or keto-friendly dish. However, it reduces carbohydrates.

And if you use breadcrumbs and skip the pasta, it will be even less!

This comforting one-pan meal is hard to miss.

It features a strong beer sauce, well-seasoned minced meat, and tons of veggies.

The peel is flaky, light and has a beautiful golden brown colour. Plus, this pie is full of sweet and hearty parsnips.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we cook parsnips nearly enough. So, if you have some in stock, give this recipe a try.

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