Top 10 Peach Smoothie Recipes We Love

Get your day off to a head start with these delicious foods Peach juice recipes!

It’s so sunny, sweet and fruity, you want a tall cup All morning.

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Peach and strawberry smoothie with granola and fresh berries

Peaches are the perfect summer fruit with their sweet and juicy texture.

Mix it up when it’s fresh, and you’ll get something thick and velvety.

And it pairs well with many other flavors too!

From strawberry and pineapple to mango and banana, each of these peach smoothie recipes is better than the previous one.

There’s also prune juice and cream for when you’re in the mood to indulge.

10 Sweet Peach Smoothie We Can’t Get Enough

It doesn’t get much easier than juicing a peach and pineapple.

For those new to smoothies, this recipe is the perfect place to start. With only two components, it is almost impossible to mess around.

If you freeze pineapple and peaches in your freezer, you have everything you need to get that delicious and sweet smoothie.

Just make sure you have a good mixer, or else the mixture won’t be smooth.

It’s a perfect way to start your morning with a hearty meal of fruit. Or they make a delicious snack when your sweet tooth is calling.

This super simple peach smoothie recipe tastes like a peach pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Peach pie for breakfast? Involve me!

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It combines creamy vanilla Greek yogurt, coconut milk, and peaches for a deliciously sweet, creamy flavor.

There is even a little cinnamon to help bring out the sweetness of the fruit.

While it’s not too sweet, you can choose to add a little extra sugar if you prefer.

But in truth, if the fruit is ripe (or was ripe before freezing), it should be more than sweet enough.

Few pairs of fruit as well as berries and peaches. One is tart and bright, and the other is very sweet and insanely juicy.

Together, they just work.

Even better, they don’t get over each other. So, you get plenty of every flavor in every sip.

However, I love that you can also modify the servings of fruit in this recipe. For example, if you prefer more peach flavors, simply add more peaches!

A sprinkle of Greek yogurt and almond milk makes it rich and creamy with a slight hint of tang.

The delicious flavors of this smoothie recipe make it the perfect choice for a light breakfast or afternoon snack.

Peaches are a great way to make a smooth velvety smoothie. But if you want something extra thick It goes, needs bananas!

This colorful smoothie features subtle flavors of peach and sweet banana.

There’s also yogurt to make sure it’s creamy and full of protein, along with lemon juice to balance it all out.

Again, it’s not great. So if you like, add a tablespoon of sweetener until you reach the perfect sweetness.

I love the tropical flavors, and this peach and mango smoothie delivers in spades!

While frozen fruit works well in most smoothies, fresh fruit is the best way to use this recipe.

The flavors are light and balanced, and the fresh fruit provides the perfect smooth consistency.

Instead of water, opt for fresh juice (such as orange or mango) for dramatically refreshing fruity flavors.

Although it’s a great drink for breakfast, you can whip up this simple and refreshing smoothie to make a cold treat on a hot day.

It’s not as thick as a regular smoothie, and it’s light on calories to boot.

Don’t worry – this smoothie doesn’t taste like spinach! It may be green, but it isn’t the taste Green color.

Adding spinach to smoothies is a great way to soak ton of vitamins and nutrients.

Its subtle, earthy flavor fades into the background as soon as you add the fruit!

Pair spinach with peaches and frozen grapes for a sweet, slightly tart kick.

Then supplement with a scoop of protein powder for the ultimate post-workout treat.

You don’t need to dump that giant bucket of protein powder to get a protein-rich smoothie.

Strawberries and peaches are the ultimate summer pairing and add bright, slightly sweet flavors to a dessert smoothie for breakfast.

It gains a boost of protein from Greek yogurt and a slight sweetness from honey.

It is thick, creamy, sweet and dreamy. What could you have asked for more?

Just the mention of peaches and cream makes my mouth water.

And while peaches and cream are a classic summertime dessert, why not make something a little healthier?

This clever pairing of ingredients turns this misguided dessert into a nutritional powerhouse.

You’ll need ripe, frozen peaches with a sprinkle of vanilla and cinnamon, so it tastes like peach pie.

Next, you’ll add unsweetened almond milk and Greek yogurt to mirror your scoop of vanilla ice cream.

It’s wrongly creamy and sure to satisfy any sweet craving.

Nice fruit juices. But if it’s your first meal of the day, it’s not very filling.

To avoid a mid-morning snack attack, add oatmeal to the mix! These healthy grains make them incredibly dense and luscious.

In addition to oatmeal, this smoothie also contains soft blueberries and protein-rich almond milk.

Therefore, it is the perfect breakfast to start your day.

Who said smoothies are only for breakfast?

Peach juice, blueberries, and bananas are delightfully sweet, and the healthy toppings make it a treat you can feel good about.

Combines fresh peaches with blueberries and frozen bananas for a smooth, velvety finish.

But what I love the most is the addition of flaxseeds for extra crunch and texture.

They’re high in fiber and protein, which makes this super simple smoothie deceptively filling.

Shake it up in the morning for a satisfying breakfast. Or enjoy it as a healthy snack when you’re craving something sweet in the middle of the day.