The original paella contains no fish, chorizo ​​or peas, say Valencian chefs

The truly authentic paella doesn’t contain any fish or shellfish, according to Valenciennes.

The rice dish, widely considered the national dish of Spain, is officially recognized as a symbol of Valencian culture.

Derived from the Valencian word for “frying pan,” paella has been adapted by chefs around the world, with popular recipes including chicken, pork and seafood.

Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay’s go-to recipes include pea, chicken, chorizo, and prawns.

But new research finds that chefs from Valencia use only ten ingredients when making their national dish, and none of them are fish.

These are: rice, olive oil, water, salt, saffron, tomatoes, green beans, kidney beans, chicken and rabbit.

The study, conducted by scientists at the Universidad Católica de Valencia, came after local Valencian chef Rafael Vidal began searching for the ultimate paella recipe.

Researchers surveyed 400 amateur chefs from 266 towns in Valencia. They found that more than 90 percent of people cook with the same nine ingredients, while 88.9 percent of cooks used rabbits.

Another frequently used ingredient, which was not in the top ten list, is paprika. Paprika was used in 62 percent of paella recipes.

The study also found similarities in the way paella was cooked and when it was made. Most locals use the paella bowl to prepare the dish, it usually cooks for more than three people, and they are most likely to make it on a Sunday.

Eight in ten people said they always cook paella for groups of four or more, and 79 percent said they usually make it on Sundays.

The study was published in International Journal of Gastronomy and Food SciencesHe said.

“This social connotation is precisely the reason for its success and how it has become a universal prescription.”

In November 2021, the government of Valencia declared the paella a protected cultural asset of the “art of unification and sharing”.