[Taste of Hansik] Enjoy the last taste of summer with yeolmu bibimbap

Say goodbye to the summer season with yulmo Kimchi (small radish), which shows its full flavor in the hot and humid months in Korea. To prepare a hearty meal, use yeolmu to make bibimbap, one of the most popular Korean dishes.

This special kimchi is often made from only the leafy parts of the radish, and while technically a seasonal side dish, it’s now available for purchase in supermarkets year-round. The texture of kimchi, which is crunchy, lends more crunch to the dish so diners can feel fresher as they eat.

Chef Park Jun-Seoung of Logi in Seoul offers a simple recipe for making bibimbap with yeolmu so you can enjoy the last glimpse of summer at home.

100 grams of yeolmu kimchi, 1 tablespoon of yeolmu kimchi broth (the liquid that comes in a can of yeolmu kimchi), 50 grams of gochujang15 grams of sesame oil, one egg, a can of rice in the microwave and cooking oil.


Heat the cooked rice in the microwave and place the steamed rice in a bowl.

Add gochujang, sesame oil, and one tablespoon of yeolmu kimchi broth. The broth will help you mix everything together easily. Mix everything well until the rice turns red.

Fry the eggs in a frying pan covered with cooking oil.

Put the mixed rice in a plate and add yeolmu kimchi around the edge.

Put a fried egg on the face and feet. Mix well and eat.

Written by Lee Sun Min [lee.sunmin@joongang.co.kr]