Seven-layer vegan dip for beginners, plus seven variations

The iconic seven-layer dipping is one of those dishes that can look amazing when first served, but are always ruined by the end of the night. The eye-catching layers of taco layers simply don’t stand up to the constant dipping and gathering of party guests, but even in their deliciously ugly phase, people will keep coming back for more. With football season in full swing and fall get-togethers on the rise, it’s essential to have a solid seven-layer dipping recipe in your entertaining arsenal. Here are the basics plus some unique twists to make it your own.

What is a seven-layer dip?

This appetizer’s name isn’t cute or fun—it’s quite literal. The classic seven-layer dipping contains seven layers of ingredients, most of which are traditionally inspired by what accompanies a taco. A standard dip consists of perfectly defined layers of re-cooked beans flavored with tacos, guacamole, sour cream, salsa or chopped tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, black olives, and fresh cilantro. The huge dish is usually served with tortilla chips. In theory, it’s a perfect combination. Practically speaking, it’s a bit messy, but it’s still a party hit. Like nachos, seven-course dipping is a gamble—you’ll inevitably get more than one ingredient and probably nothing else (you’ll have to dig deep for those beans!), but that’s part of the fun. And while two of the seven are dairy-based, you can easily substitute dairy-free cheese and sour cream for a vegan version. Keep reading to learn how to master the seven-tier swim and please all your party guests with delicious new looks.

vegnews.lymarlyShe is Marley

1 7 Layers Mexican Dish

If you haven’t done a seven-layer dip before, start here. This is a classic recipe that is exceptionally straightforward and almost foolproof. Choose to bundle your dip with all store-bought items or get even more cooking by making the re-cooked beans called for in the recipe. You can also add a layer of vegan chorizo ​​or crumble of beef seasoned with tacos for an appetizer.
Dipper’s suggestions: Tortilla chips with lemon flavor, carrot sticks
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vegnews.minimalistbakerdipMinimalist Baker

2 7 layers vegan vegan

Not a sour cream fan? We know it’s an acquired taste. This recipe eliminates this somewhat controversial condiment and replaces it with molten vegetable queso or homemade cashew cheese salsa. Highly recommend serving this hot.
Dipper’s suggestions: Hot flour tortilla, jicama sticks
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vegnews.abbotsbutcherAbbot’s butcher

3 Seven layers of the Mediterranean Basin

Who does not like a variety of Mediterranean sauces served with hot thin pita bread or lavash? This recipe saves you some dishes by combining all your favorite flavors in one giant casserole. It starts with a thick base of hummus followed by dairy-free tzatziki, herbal tabbouleh, vegan ground beef, crisp cucumber, vegetarian feta, and salty Kalamata olives. Really, it is a meal in itself.
Dipper’s suggestions: Hot pita pockets, toasted pita chips, lavash
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Vegnews.veganrichadipvegan feathers

4 Thai Layers Retreat

When you thought peanut sauce couldn’t get any better, it does. This sweet, spicy appetizer begins with a foundation of crunchy shredded carrots buried in a thick layer of sriracha-infused peanut sauce, sambal sauce infused with oleic, fresh cilantro, mint, crunchy bean sprouts, chopped peanuts, fried pasta, and a dash of lemon juice. While it does take a little longer, this version is best when making peanut sauce and chutney from scratch.
Dipper’s suggestions: Cucumber, carrots, toasted pita chips
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vegnews.indiaandipFITNESS FOOD FITNESS

5 seven layers of india

This is a dip for our invention, inspired by a non-vegetarian recipe we found online. It starts with a cold creamy raita and cucumber topped with tamarind sauce, pahangan spices (Roasted Eggplant Dip), Roasted Chickpeas, Roasted Brooklyn Delhi Garlic, Pickled Onions, and Fresh Coriander Or Fried Curry Leaves If You Want It More. It’s a labor of love, because this is not just a bundling recipe, but try it once and you’ll always crave.
Dipper’s suggestions: Spicy roti, pita chips, lentil chips

vegnews.thefirstmessfirst chaos

6 Seven layers of vegetables with fried buffalo beans

This recipe is not much different from the classic dip – the secret is in the beans. A few spicy, vegan buffalo-style sauces add a spicy and unexpected flavor to this tamed dish. Your guests won’t be able to put their finger on it, but everyone will ask for the recipe. To make this eight- or nine-layer dip, top the delicious dish with browned vegan chicken and a thick drizzle of Frank’s red hot sauce and/or vegan ranch dressing.
Dipper’s suggestions: Celery sticks, tortilla chips, vegan chicken pieces
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vegnews.darngoodveggiesdipDarren Good Figes

7 Seven layer dessert plate

While the seven-layer dip is salty and slightly fatty, the concept lends itself well to the sweet side of party food. A seven-layer dessert dip is an absolute trifle. The trick is not to let your sweet tooth erupt and try to keep things in balance because these foods can easily become too sweet. This recipe maintains the harmony of the ingredients by layering dark chocolate mousse sweetened with dates, toasted chopped almonds, chopped dates, salted caramel, lightly sweetened coconut cream, toasted coconut, and sliced ​​strawberries (bananas and berries work well too). The contrast in texture between rich and luscious mousse, light and silky whisking, sticky salted caramel, chewy dates, and crunchy almonds will keep everyone coming back for more.
Dipper’s suggestions: Vegan graham crackers, vegan shortbread biscuits
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