Russia Withdrawal: Vladimir Putin’s Troops Didn’t Finish Lunches in Hasty Withdrawal from Ukraine | world | News

Russia’s withdrawal from more than 40 towns and villages in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region has become a humiliating public display of Vladimir Putin’s war effort. The desperate and hasty nature of the withdrawal has now been revealed as Ukrainian forces have found piles of munitions left behind as their owners fled. “The Russian withdrawal was too fast, they didn’t have time to finish their lunches according to Ukraine’s most senior soldier,” Paul McNamara of Channel 4 reported.

“The flags around Kharkiv are again Ukrainian.

“In just five days, Ukrainian forces have reclaimed more territory than Russia has captured since April.”

In several videos shared online, liberated civilians were seen saluting and praising the Ukrainian forces.

In one of the clips, a Ukrainian soldier jokes that the amount of Russian tanks left means “each of us can get a tank for each of us.”

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Ukrainian MP Maria Mizintseva confirmed to Channel 4 news that 40 settlements have been restored this week so far – far higher than the 30 previously claimed.

Professor Sir Lawrence David Friedman told Channel 4 that the swift victories and panicked retreat were “like nothing seen in the war hitherto”.

He said the counterattack could be a “really critical turning point” as he noted that the collapse of the Russian army “could be very fast”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described the counter-offensive as “a defining moment that could quickly end the occupation of Ukraine”.

Overnight, Ukrainian forces pushed into Russian-occupied territory, leaving Ukrainian forces only 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Russian border.