MMSD teachers raise concerns about school meals

Madison, Wes. (WMTV) — Teachers across the Madison Metropolitan School District have raised concerns about meals served to students, saying quality is unavailable and portions are increasing.

“Lunches are just snacks at most, and breakfasts are very minimal,” said retired teacher Amy Garfoyle.

Garfoyle taught at East High School for nine years before retiring last year. She says current teachers told her that meals worsened last spring, and their quality declined significantly for the start of the fall semester. Educators and parents reached out to the NBC15 newsroom on the condition of anonymity, showing pictures and expressing their concerns.

Teachers in the Madison Metropolitan School District are raising concerns about meals...
Teachers in the Madison Metropolitan School District have raised concerns about meals provided to students, saying that quality is not available and portions are increasing.(Colton Molesky)

One MMSD teacher says the meals were different.

The actual lunches were of better quality. They’ve got hot chicken nuggets, tacos, chicken sandwiches and so on, and really hot meals.”

Now, this teacher says that some meals receive juice as a substitute for fruit, describing vegetables served with a rotten smell.

A father of two MMSD students described the family’s experience with school lunches this year.

“This year, they seem to only serve pizza, turkey/cookies, or hard-boiled eggs. On the first day of school, some of my Make Your Own Pizza Set pizza sauce was still frozen.”

Another parent explained via email that their children only received a boiled egg and a cookie for lunch several days before they decided to send them to school with lunch.

This is a luxury some students don’t enjoy, Garvoille says, as some families rely on meals provided by the school and have no other choice to replace them.

An MMSD spokesperson responded to the concerns, saying in a statement:

“Due to supply chain issues related to the pandemic and a shortage of national staff, the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) has faced limitations in providing staff prepared lunch options. Although the meals we served meet nutritional standards, we also recognize the importance of producing satisfying meals… “

Another teacher called MMSD to question the validity of supply chain issues as the root of the problem, sending our newsroom listings from district school districts, and comparing their options with those of MMSD.

9/6 9/7 9/8 9/9
Madison Metropolitan School District Main Entrance: Big Cheesy Pizza
Vegetarian: Badger lunch pack (yogurt, cheese, baked snack bread)
Fruit sides: apple slices
Vegetable side: small carrots
Main entry: Anytimer Pizza Kit Make your own pizza
Vegetarian: Lunch Pak – Baked Snack Bread, Cheese Chain, Boiled Egg
Fruit side: Vegetable side: Jicama crunchy sticks
Main Entrance: Turkey and Cheese Lunch Set (with turkey, cheese, and crunchy crackers)
Vegetarian: Green Bay Lunch Package – Boiled Egg, Yogurt, UBR Bread
Fruit side: orange slices, vegetable side: broccoli
Main entry: Anytimer Pizza Kit Make your own pizza!
Vegetarian: Badger lunch pack (yogurt, cheese, baked snack bread)
Fruit sides: a cup of apple juice
Sides of vegetables: dragon juice and grape tomatoes
Middleton Cross Plains School District Complete choices: Cinnamon French toast or pastry muffins (choice may vary per school) PB&J Untrustworthy with Cheese Stick
SIDES: Cheese stick, juicy sticks of celery, crunchy and fresh cauliflower, fruit smoothie or can of fruit juice, animal crackers or chat Snax, Teddy Grahams, Bug Bites Graham Crackers or Scooby Doo Crackers (choice will vary at each school) Milk
Complete choices: Unreliable PB & J Chicken Nuggets with Cheese Sticks
Side: a soft mashed potato broth dinner roll, a roll of locally grown peas, sliced ​​milk
Complete Choices: Sloppy Joe ^ on the Turkey Cake Unbelievable PB & J Sandwich with Cheese Stick
Sides: A delicious, ready-to-eat vegan five-way mix Carrots Baby bumps A cup of pineapple chocolate pudding or a cup of vanilla milk pudding
Complete Choices: Turkey Hot Dog on Filet Fish Bun with Unreliable PB&J Dinner Roll with Cheese Stick
Sides: French Fries, Baked Beans, Vegan Sunset Smoothie, Sweet Strawberry Milk
Monona Grove School District Baked Chicken Nuggets, Tater Tots, Baby Carrots, Blueberry Patties with Sausage Patty Hash Brown Rounds Dragon Veggie Cider Hot dog on caesar bun, salad, grapes, tomato, pepper, sliced ​​fruit, sidekicks drink. Sloppy Joe on a bun, toasted carrots, sliced ​​cucumber, 100% fresh apple juice
Sun Prairie Area School District Appetizers: Chicken Tenders with Dinner Roll or PB&J (N)
On the side: steamed green beans of your choice of fruit
Entry: Hungry Bear Cheese Pizza or Yogurt Meal (V)
On the side: Fruit Bar Salad Choice Bug Bites Graham Milk Choice
Appetizers: Beef hot dogs on whole-grain bread or macaroni and cheese
On the side: Fruit Bar Salad Choice Cucumber Milk Triple Chocolate Cookie
Appetizers: mandarin orange chicken with brown rice or bean and cheese dip with tortilla chips
On the side: salad bar, fruit, choice of milk
Verona District School District piece of Chicken
Bakery, fruit, vegetable and fruit cocktail roll dinner milk selection
Bosco sticks
Marinara Cup Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Pear Candy Cubes Choice of Milk
walking taco
Pork Taco Filling Nacho Doritos Fresh beans, vegetables and fresh fruits Choice of milk
French toast fingers
Pork sausage patty Fresh fruits and vegetables Frozen fruit cup Choice of milk
Milwaukee Public Schools Fajita chicken with shredded tortilla and cheddar cheese or WG cheese quesadillas – cup salsa, shredded beans, bowl of fresh lettuce, and choice of milk Butter Chicken Wings/Margarine/BBQ Sauce or Jelly Sandwich WG Cheese and Cheese Sandwich – Cooked and Baked Potato Wedges, Baby Carrots, Carrots and Ranch, Sliced ​​Bread, Jean Crackers WG DINNER ROLL MARGARINE MANGO PACH APPLESAUCE CUP CHOICE OF MILK Shredded turkey patties on a WG bun or a veggie burger on a WG bun – lettuce and tomato slices with fresh milk-selected banana dressing
Minneapolis Public Schools Entrée Choose 1
Four cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, yogurt bagel box
Entrée Choose 1
Chicken Patty Sandwich, Spicy Black Bean Burger, Smoked Turkey, Cheddar Hoagie Vegetables: Sweet Potato Gogos.
Entrée Choose 1
Bbq chicken, grilled cheese, smoked turkey, cheddar hoagie, vegetables: corn on the cob.
Entrée Choose 1
Turkey slices with mashed potatoes, stromboli cheese, smoked turkey, cheddar hoagie. Vegetables: green beans.