Mark Zuckerberg apparently clinching lunch at State College

Who had a “Mark Zuckerberg cameo” on their weekend bingo card in Central Michigan?

The CEO of Meta (the company formerly known as Facebook) appears to have flown into Happy Valley for a quick layover on Friday afternoon.

Zuckerberg flew to either University Park or Bellefont Airport around noon after taking off from Boston about 45 minutes earlier, according to Twitter account who tracks the activity of his private plane. Then he took off at about 4 p.m. on his way to White Plains, New York.

According to an eyewitness account from an employee of The Tavern, he was seen eating lunch at the aforementioned downtown restaurant. Meta’s PR team did not respond to an inquiry about the nature of its visit. It’s not clear who exactly Zuckerberg was eating with at The Tavern, who was Repaired and remodeled in 2021.

According to the “Zucc Jet” Twitter account, the CEO spent more than $5,500 in fuel for his round trip to Happy Valley. It should *really* like the original sin cocktail.

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