Life Changing Almond Milk Recipe

If you’ve ever thought about making plant-based milk but thought it would be too difficult or too time-consuming, then this recipe is for you! Making nut or seed milk is quick and easy, and you can customize the sweetness and flavors while avoiding unnecessary ingredients. Check out this recipe for making homemade almond milk with a twist!

chefsummerstorm is a game changer if you ask me 🤩 #vegan #plantbased #almondmilk #lifehack #foodhacks ♬ Ultimate Life hacks – Kelly-The Life Bath

TikToker has created an unconventional version of almond milk that will amaze you. In this recipe, all you need is a blender, water, almond butter, and vanilla extract. Just add all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Using nut butters instead of whole almonds is a game changer if you enjoy a thick, creamy, juice-like texture. You can customize this recipe with any nut butter and customize it to your liking. Not only will you feel satisfied enjoying homemade milk, but this recipe is high in protein and rich in nutrients.

Plant-based milk varieties are constantly growing these days, but there’s nothing like making them from scratch!

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