Instagram has a dangerous FOMO on Brunch Bobby Fly Lobster

On Instagram, Chef Bobby Flay shared a video of himself cooking Lobster Benedict. Flay replaces the Canadian bacon called for in a traditional Eggs Benedict recipe with a piece of lobster meat, but he doesn’t stop there. Instead, he replaces the English muffin with crunchy golden-brown lobster buns, which are then topped with a hard-boiled egg, smothered in Meyer Lemon Hollandaise, and garnished with a spoonful of caviar.

“Hell yeah Chef,” former Food Network Star contestant Michelle Ragosis, who also appeared on and won an episode of Beat Bobby Flay, responded: “Hell yeah Chef.” “We need the recipe!” Another commentator said. Others were begging Fly for his recipe, too. phyllis.ramirez has tagged a fellow user, saying,[M]Bring someone who will bring you brunch on the weekend like this!!! “

There’s no telling if Flay will share a recipe for his seafood-inspired style on Eggs Benedict. Will he appear in an upcoming cookbook he co-authored with his daughter Sophie? Or on the menu of the Amalfi restaurant in Caesar’s Palace? Only time will prove it. But in the meantime, his Instagram video may provide enough information for adventurous home cooks who want to try Flay’s Lobster Benedict.