How to make grilled salmon in fantasy tower

With the launch of the artificial island in the Fantasy Tower, comes a new limited-time event known as Aida Café. In this event, you prepare and serve five-part meals – consisting of a main dish, a side dish, soup, dessert, and a drink – to the many Simulacra in the game, where everyone prefers different dishes. Pan-Seared Salmon is a unique side dish on the Aida Cafe menu and can only be prepared using a specific occasion-only recipe.

How to cook grilled salmon

Image via HoYoLab

As a food item related to the Aida Cafe event, this Pan-Seared Salmon recipe can be found when interacting with any cooking pot, within the Limited Menu recipe collection. Before you can prepare any dish from this list, you must first collect the necessary ingredients yourself.

The essence of these limited recipes is limited ingredients, which will only be available for the duration of the event. These items can be harvested from locations in Aesperia which may carry similar cooking ingredients. For example, the salmon needed to make grilled salmon can be caught from the same fishing grounds that host Bass Lake – mainly the rivers and outer shores of the Crown and Warren regions.

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Some Simulacra prefer certain dishes with their meal, and they will better reward you for meeting their preferences. Crow, Hilda, and Shiro prefer Pan-Seared Salmon as a side dish of their choice, and will contribute more revenue to Aida Cafe if awarded the favorite. The event itself will only run until September 29th, giving you a limited amount of time to generate that revenue.