How to cook Tignari Special Recipe

Jinshin effect Fans usually pull in new characters like Tighnari for combat play or aesthetically pleasing reasons, but the playable units also provide additional perks, including exploration perks and recipes for special dishes. For example, Amber is the only person who can cook Outrider’s Champion Steak, and Prosperous Peace is Ganyu’s exclusive kitchen. These special foods provide additional fighting or restorative benefits over the standard default meal recipe. Accordingly, Jinshin effect Fans will probably be eager to know How can they get the special Tighnari food by opening the recipe and knowing which ingredients to collect.

Unlock Tighnari’s Special Diet Recipe in Genshin’s Effect

Unlock the recipe for Tighnari's special dish in Genshin's Effect

in Tignari special food in Jinshin effect It is a Forest Watcher’s option, and is a more nutritious type of Mushroom Hodgepodge. By default, Mushroom Hodgepodge is able to boost all group members’ DEF by 126 for 300 seconds when consumed. On the other hand, Forest Watcher’s Choice increases the strength of the DEF to 151 for the same duration.


The Jinshin Effect: All Kinds of Small Slices and How to Get Them

The Mushroom Hodgepodge is a Sumeru exclusive recipe and is not available by default. Fortunately, the way to get the recipe is not difficult. However, there are several prerequisites related to research. thanks for the 8 . gamePlayers can learn the exact steps required to unlock the item:

step no. walkthrough details
  • Players must reach the Vanarana area and talk to Arapacati, an NPC located southwest of the Statue of the Seven in Vanarana.
  • This area was opened by completingworld of aranara” In the “Dream NurseryWorld Quest Series.
  • Next, players must follow a smoke signal to Aracatora, Aranara.
  • Aranara must be healed using any Dendro ability.
  • After following the task tags for “Cooking the flavor of naturePlayers will eventually come to a cave full of water.
  • To drain it, fans must defeat Ruin’s enemies to unlock the cube mechanism seal, which can be used to remove water.
  • Finally, players must neutralize the wilting area to complete the mission objective.
  • Once you’re done, head back to Aracatora and finish the job to get the recipe for the special Tighnari dish in Jinshin effect.

To cook the Forest Watcher option, players will need one stack of Rukkhashava Mushroom, Starshroom and Regular Mushroom. The Rukkhashava mushroom grows in the Lokapala Forest in Sumeru. Starshrooms can be found in multiple areas across Sumeru and within The Chasm, and mushrooms grow in every area of ​​Teyvat.

Jinshin effect Available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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