Homemade brunch is the best at Country Touch Café – Daily Breeze

walls in Country Touch Cafe Famous words of wisdom, ingenious verbal time machines line up to a simpler time, before we eat breakfast as we scroll through our iPhones.

There’s one that reads, “If you’re angry, irritable, or just mean, there’s a $10 fee to carry around with you.” Another sage says, “If you are wrong and silent, then you are wise… If you are right and silent, you are married…”

I haven’t seen a wall hanging like this since the Eisenhower administration (which I really missed). Or, more accurately, since my last cross-country trip, when I stopped at a small-town restaurant for some morning bacon and eggs—and some morning wisdom from the walls. Heck… Country Touch even has a Texas State of the Art plaque with a giant wand that reads, “Miniature Toothpick.” They don’t make humor like they used to. The internet took care of that.

They also don’t make cafes like Country Touch anymore. In the age of intense anxiety and constant stress – the age of anxiety! Country Touch is a haven of peace and friendliness. The home setting is like your Aunt Matilda’s kitchen – even if you don’t have your Aunt Matilda.

The staff can cheer you up on even the scariest of days…and get you out of your darkest hangover. They smile with real joy. When they ask you how your day is, you know they’re not just reading from a text. They really want to know.

But not for very long. Because there is food in the kitchen, and hungry mouths are waiting to be fed. Condolences are required. Condolences are delivered. Solace is what I felt, just staring at the simple paper list. Not surprisingly, eggs are plentiful. They have long been the heart and soul of American breakfast. In its simplest form, this egg is prepared just the way you like it, and served with…something.