Bear: Calm before the next storm

Every year there is a series that seems to come from nowhere, gradually gaining fame through word of mouth and eventually becoming a new popular phenomenon.

This year, this series is undoubtedly the intense culinary comedy drama The bearwhich premiered in Canada on Disney+, and the final episode of season one will be available this week.

After the nightmare of the staggering kitchen intensified into twenty minutes the previous week, the acrimony subsided a bit around Carme and his restaurant. But there are still many unanswered questions about how the challenges have arisen and accumulated so far, and where they are heading.

This eighth episode was marked from the start by a six-minute long still shot during which Carmi assesses his relationship with his late brother Michael. The space that has grown between them over the years, the impression that he doesn’t really know the person he was so close to in the past, their shared passion for cooking and everything the main character did for himself to feed him.

The sequence once again carried the stunning performance of Jeremy Allen White.

As Sidney and Marcus take a break alone to think about their future, it’s calmer than ever in the kitchen.

After an argument that could have had more serious consequences, Richie has a new opportunity to prove that his arrogant and unfiltered character has, above all, a very good background.

After tensions ease somewhat between him and Carmi, Ricci gives the latter the envelope that Michael had left before his death, revealing that the secret was already in the sauce.

Unexpected good news allows Carmi to finally come to terms with her past, and reconnect with members of her extended family, while showing her the way to the future.

Like the most delicious recipes, success The bear This is explained by the fact that the production team and the performers knew how to use the best ingredients available to them, while always knowing how to extract maximum flavor from each of them.

The bear He first gave us insight into all the business and stress of running a restaurant. An already complex narrative to which the authors have consistently added engaging stories about family, unfulfilled potential and shattered dreams, but also lessons in humility that all of their characters can grow from.

Of course, we know that some will have to be re-learning along the way…

We’re also giving full marks to the great use of Radiohead’s song “Let Down” for a complete shutdown.

Faced with this success, we can only be convinced that this first season was actually just the beginning, and that the second season (which FX has already confirmed) will be the main course.