21 Foods You Should Try in New Mexico

You’ll be limited to visiting New Mexico and not trying a bowl, plate, or tortilla filled to the brim with tender pork slowly cooked in red pepper sauce. Exuding deep comfort and bursting with the heat of citrus and fruit, this carne adovada is New Mexico’s answer to the delicious Mexican dish carne adobada.

Carne adovada is an anytime food in New Mexico. While the variations are many, their base includes pork, garlic, vinegar, and oregano. Pork is often diced before marinating or prepared as a whole shoulder and then shredded (via Cooks Illustrated). Carne adovada can be found served on eggs, in burritos, alongside slow-cooked pinto and Spanish rice, or drizzled with cheese on an enchiladas.

It is a standardized dish (provided you eat meat) as a home-cooked dish and a dish eaten when eating out. The preparations are straight forward and the ingredients are local enough to be included in local cooking across the state. Yet the dish is ubiquitous with country pride and sense of identity, and it’s also easily and proudly found on the menus of coffee shops, mom-and-pop venues, and James Beard Award-winning establishments.