16 Best Christmas Seafood Recipes

Retro garnish meets classic cocktail in this dish. Make the dressing like the brew—Worcestershire and all—then sprinkle it over the tender prawns and crunchy bacon piled on couscous lettuce with celery and avocado salad.

Set a succulent side of roasted salmon with a crunchy salad and savory but sweet sauce for an exciting seafood staple.

Grilled shrimp skewers with lemon and lemongrass You’ll reach the spot on a hot summer’s day.

Celebrate in style with oysters, king of shrimp and smAcceptable salmon with your own romesco seafood sauce, prosciutto, breadcrumbs, and mango chili sauce.

Flame-grilled corn kernels, grilled whole shrimp, and fried potato chips make this a staple to remember.

Serve this salmon for a special occasion – it combines fresh vegetables with authentic Asian flavor.

This delicious seafood platter is perfect for long summer lunches.

Freeze this in just 10 minutes, pop it in the fridge to chill and you’ll have your savory appetizers for 12 guests ready in no time!

This BBQ-marinated prawn is the best appetizer ever on a hot summer’s day and is topped with creamy sriracha mayonnaise.

Entertaining a crowd? These marvels are ready in 20 minutes! Your lot will love the right proprietary citrus zing and Hazelnut flavor and spice.

Delicious hot or at room temperature, this Asian-inspired dish is great when you’re feeding a crowd and you’re ready in minutes – unbeatable!

Seafood is a true summer staple in the blue—perfect for days when warm weather ignites your craving for lighter fare. Enter the trout, whose delicious flavors are beautifully paired with a tangy salsa criola sauce.

16. Salmon with pomegranate and herb crumbs

If you don’t have time to cook salmon fillets, just arrange thin slices of smoked salmon on a plate, then sprinkle them over the herb crumbs and pomegranate dressing.

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