11 hotels in the Maldives that serve vegetarian food

At Taj Coral Reef Resort & Spa, you can find everything from Indian thalis to meatless burgers (with a vegan patty) and “green burgers” (with lentil and spinach galette). Meanwhile, The Nautilus has a choice of high-quality vegetarian, vegan, and all-vegetarian dishes at all three of its restaurants—whether it’s the signature Nautilus salad with pomelo, mango, avocado and seaside thyme, or dukkah spiced. Cauliflower with crunchy chickpeas in olives or seaweed, tofu salad, vegan tacos, and burritos on the outdoor grill, okasso. Many resorts also grow their own products, such as Soneva – Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani. “Overall, 33 percent of our menu is vegetarian. Soneva is serious about sourcing every ingredient ethically. We grow as much as we can in our organic gardens and have an extensive list of endangered species and unethical products excluded from listings,” says Sonu Shivdasani, founder and president Soneva CEO, “The menus use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to entice guests on a daily basis.” In 2021, 45 tons of vegetables were grown at Soneva resorts and more than 40 different types of plants were added to the organic gardens of both products. In Soneva Fushi, a new mushroom hut has been established, where eight types of organic mushrooms have been grown for the resort’s restaurants.

Shades of green at Soneva Fushi

The food on the property showcases locally grown produce, Maldivian flavors and an array of Western techniques. Shades of Green at Soneva Fushi is a vegetarian dining experience located within the resort’s organic island gardens. Each meal begins with a tour of the gardens followed by a six-course menu created by Danish chef Carsten Kester – expect the flavors of the Maldives and Southeast Asia mixed with Nordic techniques such as smoking, salting, fermentation and pickling. So Wild by Diana Von Cranach in Soneva Jani is a showcase of unique dishes like papaya ceviche and eggplant “scallop” that revive nearly forgotten traditional recipes from the Indonesian spice islands and Southeast Asia. Created by world-renowned raw food chef and cookbook author Diana Von Cranach, the menu is plant-based with 90 percent ingredients freshly picked from the resort’s organic garden. If you’re a vegetarian and planning a trip to Soneva this month, a unique vegan menu prepared by Belgian chef Bart De Pooter will be available at both resorts from August 15-30. The chef who runs one of Belgium’s best vegetarian restaurants – the Michelin-starred Pastorale – is all set to bring his culinary innovations to the table.